Last week, the Blaine County Fair Board announced via its website that with agreement from the county commissioners, the 2020 edition of the fair will assume a fully virtual format.

The county fair normally takes place in Carey in August.

The announcement described it as a “difficult decision.”

“This was not an easy decision, but was made in the interest of the health of our community,” said Morgan Drage, president of the board. “We’re confident we can hold a program that will honor the work of our local 4H clubs, and we encourage the community to support the fair and the market animal sale as they have done in years past.”

Beyond news that the Open Class has been canceled and confirmation that the board intends to go forward with a fully digital market animal sale, much has yet to be announced regarding the fair’s transition into its new format. According to the online update, however, “additional details will be released as they are available.”

For more information going forward, check back at and for updates.

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