Merakite, a digital and creative strategy startup founded by Wood River High School 2016 graduates, announced on Jan. 3 a new $1,000 scholarship for young woman-identifying seniors at Wood River High School. The Merakite Academic Scholarship is open to all eligible students with an interest in pursuing STEM- or business strategy-related majors in college—including but not limited to computer science, data science, marketing and economics.

     Merakite’s founding team studies business and data analytics at the University of Southern California (Maggie Sfingi, 2016) and science, technology and society at Stanford University (Caitie Sfingi, 2016).

     “The opportunity to support a young woman at Wood River represents a chance to inspire a creative, business-minded student on her path to college,” the founders stated. “In eight of Silicon Valley’s major technology companies—including Apple, Google, Netflix, Uber and Amazon—women make up less than 30 percent of the total employee workforce, with some representation dropping as low as 15 percent. Locally, the Merakite Academic Scholarship hopes to motivate more Wood River High School young women in their journey to STEM-related industries.”

     Applications for the scholarship are available online until Feb. 15 at 11:59 p.m. and require a letter of recommendation, a high school transcript and three short essay responses (under 200 words). To apply or learn more, visit the Merakite website at

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