Kiki Tidwell, a staunch opponent of Idaho Power Co.’s redundant transmission line through the Wood River Valley, became the first candidate for the Blaine County Commission’s mid-valley seat when she announced her 2020 run as an Independent earlier this week.  

A tech and clean energy investor by trade, Tidwell intervened against the backup line in front of the state Public Utilities Commission in Boise, and actively opposed the proposal before local boards. Now, she’s hoping to fight it from an elected post.

“This 100-year decision deserves someone well-educated in the energy technology of 2019 and someone who has the ability to prioritize true county energy resiliency in this new era of extreme weather, rather than agreeing to degrade our visual corridor with a non-solution transmission-line-to-nowhere,” Tidwell said in a statement.

The current commissioners will hear a pair of appeals against the Planning and Zoning Commission’s decision to allow Idaho Power to build the line on Monday, May 6.

That same day, Tidwell will also be in court against Blaine County: she’s the plaintiff in a long-standing dispute over a pair of county-approved, deed-restricted housing units slated to be built north of Tidwell’s property on Buttercup Road. Her motion to reconsider a previous 5th District decision is scheduled for a hearing on May 6, according to court filings. 

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