Developer Harry S. Rinker’s Renegade Ranch on Silver Creek near Picabo was listed recently for sale for $19.75 million.

Rinker, 98, donated his 10,500-acre Rinker Rock Creek Ranch west of Hailey to the University of Idaho in 2015 and a 795-acre parcel in Timber Gulch south of Ketchum to the Idaho Fish and Game Commission.

“I’m a strong advocate for wildlife,” Rinker said in 2018.

The Renegade Ranch encompasses 1,226 acres of riparian areas, farm fields and rangeland on two-and-a-half miles of Silver Creek, downstream of the 800-acre Silver Creek Preserve.

Realtor and listing agent Trent Jones said the ranch is one of the few large unprotected and developable properties on Silver Creek.

“Harry bought it as a retreat,” Jones said.

Jones said the ranch includes about 260 acres of irrigated fields under alfalfa hay, with portions of rangeland used for cattle grazing.

“Managing it for agriculture production is a way to apply water rights on the property, manage it effectively and generate some revenue,” he said.

Jones would not speculate on the development potential of the ranch, but said density restrictions were increased by Blaine County prior to the 2008 recession.

Rinker, originally from Tacoma, Wash., went to Orange County, Calif., in 1953, where he and a partner would build more than 1,000 tract homes. He later built more than 100 gasoline stations and 30 shopping centers on the West Coast.

Rinker, a noted philanthropist, developed 200 acres of pasture near East Fork into Golden Eagle, an upscale housing development between Hailey and Ketchum that features manmade ponds, waterways and creeks.

He lives part time in Gimlet, south of Ketchum, and also owns Peregrine Ranch north of Hailey, considered the largest undeveloped tract of real estate in the Wood River Valley.

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