The Blaine County Sheriff’s Office announced on Friday that it has acquired two new deputies, each with four paws. Through a grant from the Idaho Office of Drug Policy, the Sheriff’s Office was able to send two deputies, Chris Harrison and Phil Rummel, to Alabama for a five-week training program for them and their new canines, Eric and Kimber, both German shepard/Malinois mixes.

     “We are proud to announce this new program and believe our K9 teams will be a useful tool in many aspects of our law enforcement operations and services. We see this program as a valuable investment in our community,” said Sheriff Steve Harkins.

     According to the Sheriff’s Office, the dogs will support law enforcement efforts with drug detection, human tracking, warrant searches and evidence location. The Sheriff’s Office also hopes to use the dogs to provide drug education by partnering with the Blaine County School District to teach the dangers of drug use and to help keep local schools drug free.

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