Former Crisis Hotline Executive Director Sher Foster died at her home on May 8. She was 72.

Under Foster’s guidance for approximately the past 12 years, the nonprofit hotline served more than 12,000 people in crisis, new programs emerged and outreach grew. Foster was on call 24/7 and assisted the dozen or more volunteers who also helped callers.

Foster stepped down from the position in February.

“It has been a privilege and an honor to serve this community and to support countless people in crisis or in need of referrals,” Foster said when she resigned. “I am deeply grateful to the many volunteers who have dedicated their time and support on the hotline phone and to the countless donors who have helped make our work possible.”

Foster, working collaboratively with school social worker Tod Gunter at Wood River Middle School, was instrumental in starting the My Life Matters program for teens, which is credited with saving dozens of lives, the organization stated.

According to the organization, the suicide rate in the Blaine County School District demonstrably diminished after the implementation of the intervention programs. Working within the schools, Foster also started an additional teen outreach program credited with providing important and pertinent information about serious concerns teens face, including abuse, healthy relationships and other supportive information.

Bellevue resident Tammy Davis now serves at the hotline’s executive director.

The Crisis Hotline provides anonymous 24/7 telephone crisis intervention and referrals for people experiencing a time of intense difficulty or danger. The hotline is a member of the 5B Suicide Prevention Alliance.

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