A mudslide occurred on Rotarun ski hill in Croy Canyon on May 10, leaving a 20-foot deep, 30-foot-wide hole about a third of the way up the slope. No one was injured by the resulting slide, which reached the lodge at the bottom of the hill. “There were no damages but there will be some cleanup of the deck,” said Rotarun General Manager Scott McGrew. He said Brockway Engineering is at work assessing the situation and working to understand what occurred and why. Its work will include researching the development of the ski area to find out if infill was used in the slope. “They are surveying the site, waiting for it to dry out and map a strategy forward to see that this doesn’t happen again,” McGrew said. Rotarun is a nonprofit ski organization and recreation area. The Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation oversees ski programming at Rotarun.

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