Mountain Rides Bellevue (copy)

The Mountain Rides Valley Route runs between Sun Valley and Bellevue.

Mountain Rides will no longer be serving the 3:30 p.m. southbound Valley Route at the Albertsons and the Fairfield Inn stops due to a number of reports of misconduct by Wood River Middle School students taking the bus after school, Mountain Ride’s Manager of Transit Operations Jamie Canfield told the Express.

“Disrespectful” behavior by middle school-aged children led to the removal of the stops along the long-running route in April, Hailey Police Chief Steve England confirmed.

“The students would go to Albertsons and display kind of a mob-mentality, and after that, they would go to catch the southbound bus” he said. “They were very disrespectful and hugely hyper from getting out of school for the day. There was a severe lack of manners and respect to other patrons on the bus.”

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