Two separate great Pyrenees sheep guard dogs appear to have become separated from their flocks and are wandering on their own in the East Fork area.

     Blaine County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Will Fruehling said that one of the dogs, which has a grayish coat, was reported to the Sheriff’s Office about two weeks ago. Fruehling said the dog apparently belongs to Hagerman-based Plateau Farms, and once notified of the loose dog, the ranchers searched for it but were unable to find it.

     Fruehling said that last week, a second great Pyrenees has been reported wandering alone around the lower East Fork valley, Ohio Gulch and Buttercup Road, north of Hailey on the east side of state Highway 75.

     He said he’d like to trap the dogs in live traps, but county Animal Control Officer Paul Ramm told him that the Sheriff’s Office’s large-animal trap was recently stolen when it was put out in Croy Canyon. According to Fruehling, Ramm said he’s in the process of getting a new one, but in any case, guard dogs are very difficult to catch in live traps. Fruehling said a great Pyrenees was spotted last year in the North Fork area, north of Ketchum, but Ramm couldn’t trap it.

     Fruehling said sheep ranchers have told him that working dogs on the loose usually get back home on their own.

     “They said that most of the time, the dogs will find their way back to a band of sheep, whether it’s in the valley or far south of here,” he said. “We’re not sure what the solution is. I think Paul’s trying everything he can to make sure the animal isn’t suffering through the winter.”

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