An amendment to county code that would let mobile home parks operate at a higher density than current zoning laws allow has been unanimously approved by the Blaine County Planning and Zoning Commission.

The proposed changes will now go before the Blaine County commissioners for consideration.

Nearly 1 in 10 unincorporated Blaine County residents live in one of the county’s five mobile home parks, according to documents from last Thursday’s Planning and Zoning hearing. Those parks are all grandfathered in; under current county code, none of them conform to the density and bulk standards of its zoning district.  

To allow the parks to more easily conform to code, the P&Z last Thursday voted unanimously to recommend that the county add an amendment that would establish an overlay district specifically for mobile home parks.

The amendment sets the base density for the mobile home district at eight units per acre, but allows existing parks with more than eight units per acre to legally operate at whatever their current density is with approval from the local fire district.

Sun Tree Hollow, a park south of Ketchum, has the highest density, with 22 mobile homes on just under two acres—an average density of 11 units per acre.

Whether Blaine County ultimately adopts the amendment will be decided by the county commissioners. 

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