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Mountain Humane will be reimbursed by the city on a per-impound basis.

The Bellevue City Council voted Monday to enter into a contract for services with the Mountain Humane animal shelter for impound costs and other services. The agreement expires Sept. 30, with an option for renewal.

“We are excited to get this relationship going again,” Mayor Ned Burns said.

The city’s previous contract with Mountain Humane for a flat rate of $3,500 per year has been replaced with a cost based on individual services for impounded cats and dogs.

“The parties believe that paying on a ‘case by case’ for services is a more flexible, fair approach and more in line with the city’s budgetary constraints,” the contract states.

The agreement stipulates that Mountain Humane will house and feed all animals found in the city and delivered to Mountain Humane by police, city animal control officers and citizens. It states that if Mountain Humane’s capacity of 50 cats and 50 dogs has been filled, impounds could be denied.

The contract requires that the city be held accountable for any costs associated with “necessary veterinary care” during an initial impound period of up to 24 hours for cats and 72 hours for dogs, beyond which the animals will be considered under the care of Mountain Humane.

The city will reimburse Mountain Humane $12 per cat impound and $75 per dog impound, and charge animal owners for additional costs beyond the initial impound.

Necessary medical care is not to exceed $125 without city approval and is defined as “immediate veterinary treatment for injured, diseased, or sick animals or animals that threaten Mountain Humane’s ability to maintain a healthy animal population.”

If within the initial impound period Mountain Humane determines an animal received should be euthanized either because of health or behavior issues, the city will be responsible for the cost of such procedures.

Dogs impounded at the shelter that are not wearing a collar and license will be vaccinated for rabies and issued a license at the owners’ expense.

Mountain Humane spokeswoman Kelly Mitchell, who attended the virtual City Council meeting Monday, said dogs are usually located by owners within a short time and brought home. She said cat owners often attribute lost cats to depredation or accidents and do not claim them.

“If cats are not picked up within 24 hours, they usually stay with us to the end,” Mitchell said.

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