Oxeye daisy

The oxeye daisy, one of many aggressive noxious weeds found in Blaine County, is known to displace native wildflowers.


The Environmental Resource Center’s Weed Warriors volunteer group has partnered with the Blaine County Noxious Weed Department to help residents identify and remove highly destructive weeds in the Wood River Valley this summer, according to a Wednesday press release from the county.

Noxious weeds continue to outcompete native species in Blaine County and the Sawtooth National Forest to the detriment of the ecosystem. Some of the worst local offenders include spotted knapweed, rush skeletonweed, Dalmatian toadflax, Canada thistle and the oxeye daisy.

The Weed Warriors remove invasive weeds without using herbicides. Members will start in lower elevations this summer before moving up into the SNRA, focusing on “biologically sensitive areas, riparian areas and other locations where herbicides could potentially negatively affect people, animals or water,” according to the county.

Blaine County is asking tourists and locals to report noxious plants on the Blaine County website, blaineemergency.org/500/Report-a-Weed. Hikers are also encouraged to brush off their shoes using the provided brushes at local trailheads to avoid spreading the seeds of invasive plants.

The Blaine County Noxious Weed Department offers free site inspections and consultations to help homeowners identify and remove noxious weeds on their property.

“They are also a resource for herbicide information and learning about various control methods,” the county stated.

To schedule a site inspection, call 208-727-7221; for more information on Weed Warriors, email ERC Programs Coordinator Vicky Ownby at vicky@ercsv.org. A photo guide of noxious weeds in Idaho can be found at invasivespecies.idaho.gov/plants.

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