Bellevue Marshal Ross Scaggs was formally removed from office Monday by the Bellevue City Council following an executive session. The council voted for the removal following an arraignment earlier this month, which provided details about Scaggs’ arrest in October for allegedly delivering marijuana while on duty.

If convicted, Scaggs could face up to five years in prison and be ordered to pay a $15,000 fine.

Scaggs had been on administrative leave since his arrest. The council’s move Monday will also end his employment with the city. Mayor Ned Burns said the city will send a letter to Scaggs informing him of the decision.

“The letter sent to him will be evidence of his termination,” Burns said.

Mynde Heil has been serving as Bellevue Marshal in Scaggs’ absence. Burns said a final determination as to who will fill the role of permanent marshal will be made in the coming weeks.

“I have not thought about opening up a job search to fill the position,” Burns said in an interview.

The council also voted to amend the city’s employee manual to address drug and alcohol use, increasing the amount of random drug testing opportunities for city staff.

“Why not be proactive and prevent another Ross Scaggs in the future?” Councilwoman Tammy Davis asked on Monday.

The council voted to add the entirety of employees at the Bellevue Marshal’s office to the city’s existing random drug testing pool, and to require all public works employees to have commercial driver’s licenses.

“This will have them fall under federal requirements for random drug testing,” Burns said.

The council made no changes to drug testing requirements for the on-call paid volunteers working at the Bellevue Fire Department.

Fire Chief Greg Beaver said Monday that the city has not budgeted for drug testing of fire department employees.

“It isn’t free and it isn’t cheap,” Beaver said.

“We are leaving that to the fire chief’s discretion,” Burns said in an interview. “If he has reasonable suspicion that they are under the influence, he can demand a test.”

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