Vigil for Ashley Midby

Friends, family and supporters held a vigil for Ashley Midby in October. On Monday, Prosecuting Attorney Matt Fredback confirmed what many suspected: Midby was killed by boyfriend Jared Murphy in an act amounting to “premeditated, intentional murder.”

Former Hailey police officer Jared Murphy shot and killed Bellevue resident Ashley Midby before taking his own life in a confirmed murder-suicide last October, the Blaine County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office said Monday.

After reviewing a report from Idaho State Police investigators, Prosecutor Matt Fredback determined that Murphy, 28, fatally shot Midby, 34, in an office adjacent to the coffee house where she worked, after he was fired from his job due to a domestic incident three days earlier.

The prosecutor’s office found that Murphy’s actions on Oct. 22 amounted to “premeditated, intentional murder,” Fredback said in a statement. However, no criminal charges will be filed against Murphy, who killed himself after shooting Midby. 

“Murphy’s subsequent suicide prevents any opportunity to bring him to justice for this heinous and cowardly act,” Fredback said.

Murphy joined the Hailey Police Department in 2018, the same year he and Midby began dating, according to the statement from the prosecuting attorney’s office. The pair lived together in Bellevue, where Murphy was running for mayor in 2020.

In the early morning hours of Oct. 19, law enforcement responded to a domestic disturbance call from the couple’s home. Midby told the officers that she had “suffered verbal and emotional abuse” from Murphy, according to the prosecutor’s statement.

Murphy was placed on administrative leave by Police Chief Steve England the following day while the domestic incident was investigated further. On Oct. 22, England told Murphy he was fired and required him to turn over his badge and service weapon.

At about 8 p.m. that night, Midby was completing her managerial duties in the office of the Coffee Corner Café in Bellevue, according to Fredback’s statement. Murphy walked from his house to the café with a pistol and fired multiple shots at Midby in the office adjacent to the café, hitting her four times, before shooting himself.

Their bodies were discovered shortly after 8 p.m., investigators previously said.

Midby was a “daily fixture” in the lives of many Bellevue residents, Bellevue Mayor Ned Burns said shortly after her death.

“Ashley built a family and a community in that coffee shop,” Ashley’s sister, Desiree Midby, told the Mountain Express last fall. “She was full of love and a fighter.”

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