Bellevue Marshal Mynde Heil and Kirtus Gaston

The Bellevue City Council appointed Mynde Heil the city's new marshal. Kirtus Gaston has been recommended for the role of assistant marshal.

After serving six weeks as interim marshal of Bellevue, Mynde Heil was appointed by the City Council last week to take over as head of the Bellevue Marshal’s Office permanently.

Mayor Ned Burns sang her praises during the meeting on Nov. 23, saying that Heil would “put a shine back on the department,” after what he described as a “particularly unsavory period” in the Marshal's Office.

“I have the utmost confidence in Mynde’s knowledge of the department and her knowledge of law enforcement in general,” Burns said. “I can’t say enough in favor of her ethics as a person.”

Heil’s appointment comes after former Marshal William Ross Scaggs was fired from the position last month following his arrest for felony delivery of marijuana on Oct. 13. An investigation by the Idaho State Police alleged that Scaggs delivered marijuana while on duty as the Bellevue City Marshal, ISP said at the time. That case remains under investigation.

Heil has 17 years of law enforcement experience. Previously, she worked for the Twin Falls Police Department before being sworn in to the Bellevue Marshal’s Office in 2018.

Heil delivered seven letters of recommendation to City Hall before Burns nominated her for the permanent position, though the council stopped short of reviewing them publicly.

City Councilman Greg Cappel said that would not be necessary, based on her performance on the job already.

Heil thanked the council and mayor.

“I won’t let you guys down,” she said.

The council recommended that Heil appoint fellow policeman Kirtus Gaston to serve as assistant marshal. Heil indicated that his appointment would be forthcoming.

In other Bellevue news:

• The council voted to sell as surplus a Taurus station wagon belonging to the Marshal’s Office and agreed to spend $7,650.60 for three Marshal’s Office vehicle radios to improve communications for public safety.

• The council voted to spend $8,462.22 for three sets of turnout safety gear for the Fire Department.

• The council voted to support an agreement with the Idaho Transportation Department for ITD’s inspection of a bridge at Glen Aspen Drive, with no cost to the city.

• The council approved $86,592.50 expense for reuse water system improvements, paid to JC Constructors Inc.

• The council approved election results from the Nov. 3 election.

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