20-03-25 Blaine County Old Courthouse 1 Roland.jpg (copy)

The Old County Courthouse is in downtown Hailey.

Ketchum, Sun Valley, Hailey, Bellevue, Blaine County and a number of non-governmental actors will meet Wednesday, Oct. 26, at the Old Blaine County Courthouse to discuss potential action regarding the unprecedented immigration surge the area has seen since last summer.

Ketchum has already pledged $250,000 to the effort. Some of that money will be used to construct temporary housing on a city owned lot. At question now is how much other parties are willing to contribute.

According to The Hunger Coalition, 586 new families have started utilizing its food pantry since January, which is 47% of the total number of families it serves. Of the new families, 322 are from Peru and are seeking asylum; 156 of the families include children. About 40 to 60 of these families are living outside, while the rest are couch-surfing or have similar temporary arrangements.

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