Family Dollar

Family Dollar plans to expand at its N. Main Street location in Bellevue.

The Family Dollar Store in Bellevue is set to expand after a lot line adjustment was approved by the Bellevue City Council Monday.

Community Development Director Diane Shay said the application “meets all requirements.”

The Council approved moving a platted lot line 30 feet north to allow for building expansion at 747 and 749 North Main St. in the Bellevue Business Park. The application was made by property owner Rhy Lund/Family Dollar. During a 10-day noticing period, there were no public comments on the lot line adjustment, which allows for the store expansion to take place on one larger platted parcel of land. The approval leaves a smaller vacant lot to the north.

Kathryn Goldman said she had spoken with the property owner and that they were seeking ways to also develop the remaining portion of the vacant lot.

“Let them know if you have any ideas for that vacant lot,” she said.

In other Bellevue news:

l The City Council approved a $500 expenditure for participation in the Blaine County-wide analysis of solar energy potential at municipal facilities and properties, to be split equally between the General, Water and Sewer Funds at $166.67 each.

l The City Council approved a payment of $15,771.90 to JC Constructors, Inc. for a sewer lagoon liner replacement.

l The City Council approved a new contract with Benchmark Associates to provide engineering and technical support to the city for the processing of Strahorn Subdivision phase 2 applications. 

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