The Blaine County commissioners took no action at a hearing Tuesday on ordinances regarding areas of city impact for Hailey and Bellevue.

As of Tuesday, the city of Hailey had adopted ordinances and maps reflecting negotiations that took place with the county commissioners and the city of Bellevue on Oct. 13. The city of Bellevue had not adopted any ordinances regarding the ACI.

Bellevue Mayor Ned Burns said Tuesday that the city would like to see additional Flying Hat Ranch parcels, on the west side of state Highway 75, included in Bellevue’s area of city impact to prevent the county from developing the area in the future—a condition that was not agreed upon in the October negotiations.

Commissioner Jacob Greenberg noted that the current county commission does not have plans to develop those parcels, but said he would support adding language to the ordinance that clarifies that the city and county will consult with each other before any development on the city-county border is given the green light.

The county and cities agreed to meet again at an unspecified date once Bellevue has made adjustments to, and approved, its ordinances. Though the commissioners could have considered only the Hailey ordinances Tuesday, Hailey Mayor Martha Burke said she would like the Hailey and Bellevue ordinances to be considered at the same time.

“I think the package has to go together,” Burke said.

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