17-08-25 Wood River Inn solar 3.jpg (copy)

The Wood River Inn on Main Street in Hailey received a loan from a local family foundation to install an extensive photovoltaic solar array, pictured here, in 2017.

Blaine County and three of its cities think Idaho Power is undervaluing solar energy—and they’re letting state officials know.

The cities of Bellevue, Hailey and Ketchum, along with Blaine County, submitted a joint letter to the Idaho Public Utilities Commission last week on what they believe to be a flawed study that is being used to inform changes to the rate structure of solar credits.

“Right now rates are really great, which is incentivizing people to install solar, but [Idaho Power is] basically recommending some really significant changes in the way they view the value of that solar energy generation,” said Lynne Barker, Sustainability Manager for Blaine County. “And so what we wanted to point out is that we just felt that their study was insufficient in terms of understanding the full value of clean energy.”

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