The Bellevue City Council will review a plan on Monday to start a special savings account to support emergency medical services.

The aim would be to put aside $20,000 over a three year period in an effort to secure a $62,000 grant from the Seagraves Foundation, which would fund EMS programs

The Seagraves Foundation, which funds numerous humanitarian and educational programs in the Wood River Valley, asked Bellevue Fire Chief Greg Beaver to come up with a guarantee from the city that it could continue to fund the program with its own money after the three-year grant expires.

“After three years the council could change, so our city treasurer Marian Edwards came up with the idea of a savings account to ensure the funding in years four and five,” Beaver said in an interview.

Beginning at 5 p.m. Monday, the City Council will also review a plan to install an emergency communications antennae on an existing cell phone tower in downtown Bellevue. The antennae would allow for Fire Department communications throughout the Strahorn development in Slaughterhouse Canyon.

The VHF system would cost under $9,000 and serve the Fire Department only. Law enforcement utilizes a separate 700 megahertz system, Beaver said.

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