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 Strahorn subdivision phase one would bring 47 new residential lots to east Bellevue.

The Bellevue Planning and Zoning Commission approved a final plat application Monday for phase one of Strahorn subdivision, a development expected to bring 47 residential lots to the east side of town adjacent to Sunrise Ranch subdivision.

A final plat approval by the City Council will allow lots to be sold in the development.

In 2009, Strahorn developer Jeff Pfaeffle succeeded in annexing 110 acres in Slaughterhouse Canyon for a planned-unit development in five phases.

Phase one, on about seven acres, includes a parcel of undevelopable hillside and a water tank access road that were given to the city. It also includes a nonmotorized pedestrian access path through the development. All open spaces and interiors streets have been dedicated to the city.

Lots within the development range from 6,004 to 25,509 square feet. The City Council had already approved a modification to front yard setbacks from 25 feet to 20 feet.

Because a parcel in the development is in the floodplain, building envelopes exclude construction on slopes greater than 25%, and on corner lots.

Bellevue resident Tom Blanchard raised an objection to the final plat approval due to what he described as public notice deficiencies during a related City Council hearing last month, and what he described as a conflict of interest for City Councilman Chris Johnson, who participated in deliberations on the development at that time. City Attorney Rick Allington said the objections were unfounded, and the commission voted unanimously to approve the final plat application for City Council review, which will take place on Feb. 8.

The final plat was approved under the condition that prior to a final signing of the agreement, a bond and security agreement shall be approved by the City Council for all incomplete improvements as determined by the city engineer.

The incomplete improvements were identified Monday as city streets (due to a lack of asphalt), street lights and other infrastructure details. The estimated cost of the items to be bonded for is currently $462,102.

Pfaeffle said at the Monday meeting that the improvements would be completed by mid-summer.

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