Bellevue mayor investigating “unpermitted” trailer park

A collection of trailers allegedly used as housing on Hardwood Street in Bellevue is under investigation by the city.

The city of Bellevue is looking into allegations of an illegal trailer park and has recommended that the site’s residents relocate near Ketchum.

Bellevue Mayor Kathryn Goldman issued a statement on Nov. 18 stating that the city is starting an investigation into an “allegedly unpermitted” trailer park in the area. The press release states that the property owner has been notified that the trailers must be vacated by Dec. 9, and that if the trailer park is still in operation after that date, the owner could face “prosecution” for violating city code.

The alleged trailer park is on a vacant lot beside a home at 196 Hardwood Street and behind an 8-foot fence that largely conceals the trailers from view. City code allows for fences up to 6 feet in height.

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