Mayor-elect Ned Burns said he was really excited Tuesday night as the polls closed in Bellevue and ballot counts headed in his favor.

     “The run-up’s over—now it’s time to get to work,” Burns said Wednesday.

     Burns won the Bellevue mayoral election, beating candidate Jared Murphy by 418 votes, garnering a total of 618 votes while Murphy got 200.

     By noon Wednesday, Burns had already stopped by City Hall to talk with staff about what the next steps are in the process and what needs to get done first. His top priority at the moment: making sure a grant application for Pine Street reconstruction gets completed within the 30-day deadline.

     “I’m meeting with every department head to figure out what do we need to focus on in the next six months to a year,” Burns said.

     Burns said Murphy texted him after the results were in, offering congratulations. Burns also said he had a positive conversation with current Mayor Chris Koch, who will leave the post in January.

     “I think it’s awesome. Ned’s going to do an amazing job because of his experience on City Council,” Koch said.

     Both said they were pleased with the voter turnout, noting that it was more than it’s been over the last several years.

     “A big thanks to all of Bellevue, not just those that voted for me,” Burns said.

     During his campaign, Burns said he wanted to focus on moving the city forward by making sure streets get paved, bringing residential development and getting industries into town that offer high enough wages for people to live and work in Bellevue.

     Murphy said in an interview Wednesday that the race was a good experience and that he learned a lot during the campaign.

     “I appreciate all the support the citizens of Bellevue gave me—especially as a newcomer,” he said.

     He said he plans to run for City Council next year.

     In the Bellevue elections, Greg Cappel retained his seat on the City Council with 626 votes in an uncontested race. The winner of the open seats left by departing Councilmen Craig Wolfrom and Bob Leahy will be filled by Doug Brown, with 26 write-in votes, and Tammy Davis, with 21 write-in votes.

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