The Bellevue City Council voted unanimously Monday to extend until April 20 an isolation order that mimics Blaine County’s and bans construction projects and travel out of the city for nonessential services and maintains a requirement that anybody coming into the town from out of state self-isolate for 14 days.

Burns took issue with a decision made by Sun Valley Mayor Peter Hendricks to let that city’s order, based also on Blaine County’s, expire on Monday.

“The mayor of Sun Valley late Sunday unilaterally decided to not extend the moratorium,” Burns said. “I disagree completely with his decision to not follow the advice of the medical professionals.”

Hendricks likened his city to “a canary in the coal mine” that would test freer movements and partial opening of construction sites to see if they bring increased virus transmission.

But Burns said Hendricks’ decision could pose a threat to Bellevue residents, who would likely be working with people from outside Blaine County.

“We are the community where the workers live after going up to Sun Valley job sites every day,” Burns said. “We’ll only know if in seven to 14 days we see a spike in positive cases, whether the correct decision was made in Sun Valley relative to our citizens.”

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