Bellevue rescinded its citywide boil water advisory on Saturday afternoon following two straight days of clean tests, City Clerk Marian Edwards said.

The Department of Environmental Quality found that three samples taken Thursday and three more taken Friday were clear of contamination, Edwards said. The DEQ requires back-to-back days of clean tests to lift a boil alert. 

The test results mean that Bellevue residents can go back to using water from the tap for all purposes without sanitizing it first.

The city had been under a boil water advisory since crews experienced a drop in water pressure while attempting to repair a leaking line at the intersection of North Sixth and Ash streets Wednesday evening. Earlier that night, crews shut off water to parts of the city in a planned, temporary maneuver to fix the problematic pipe. But when the broken pipe was cut into to make repairs, pressurized water came out.

“It was not expected at all,” Mayor Ned Burns said. “We thought the series of valves that we shut off had isolated that portion of the water system, but it did not.”

Burns said the pressure drop occurred when crews shut off multiple valves in the system to try to isolate the pressurized leak. The loss of pressure “could allow contamination to enter the distribution system,” through backflow into the potable water system, the city stated in a press release earlier this week. 

"Our primary goal is to always ensure the health and safety of our residents Edwards wrote Saturday. "The City Staff appreciates your patience while we correctly handled this manner according to state drinking water requirements."

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