The Bellevue City Council approved a six-month extension of services with Athenian Partners CEO Troy Butzlaff Monday to help out with city operations, assessments and ongoing challenges due to a staffing shortage.

Butzlaff is a veteran municipal government professional who has worked in several capacities for seven different western cities over the last 32 years. He was hired by Bellevue Mayor Kathryn Goldman in August to conduct an organizational assessment and staffing study for the city.

Soon after taking the job, Bellevue faced the imminent departure of a sewer facility operator. Butzlaff found a replacement by contracting out the work with a private firm. He later found a contractor to supply the city with snow removal services when a staffing shortage limited its capacity.

Bellevue extends city services contract with Athenian Partners

Troy Butzlaff CEO, Athenian Partners

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