The Bellevue City Council held a public workshop Monday, Oct. 24 to address the illegal use of up to 150 trailers and recreation vehicles in the city. City leaders and officials are pondering solutions that would allow continued use of the trailers to avert a surge in homelessness.

Bellevue law allows for 14 days of habitation in a trailer and up to 45 days of use with an administrative permit. Only one trailer is allowed per residential lot, and no rent can be charged for the use.

Mayor Kathryn Goldman, who was not present at the meeting, had consulted with newly hired consultant Troy Butzlaff about the possibility of using a vacant property owned by the city on the south end of town for a new trailer park. Butzlaff said it was “not advisable” to have the trailers hooked up to city sewer lines due to the risk of contamination. He said a similar proliferation of illegal trailers has been increasing in Teton County where he lives.

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