Animals and human beings are interacting in Blaine County like never before, often with drastic consequences. Herding animals have been poisoned by toxic landscaping. Coyotes have attacked dogs. Mountain lions have been feeding on pets. Moose can be a real danger.

The Bellevue City Council tonight will consider forming and joining the newly proposed Wood River Valley Wildlife Smart Communities Coalition in order to learn how to promote responsible and safe habits for people living in close proximity to wildlife.

“With a growing state population and development expanding into occupied wildlife habitats, it is often inevitable that human-wildlife conflicts will occur,” states a memo sent to city staff Monday by the coalition supporters.

The proposed coalition of advocacy groups, nonprofits and governmental organizations came together after increasing interactions and conflicts with mountain lions occurred last winter, some with lethal consequences, states the memo.

“The valley has a long history of human-wildlife conflicts with black bears, elk, deer, and in recent years, moose,” it states.

Bellevue City Council President Kathryn Goldman and Idaho Fish and Game’s Regional Communications Manager Terry Thompson will lead the presentation.

For the full story see the Wednesday edition of the Idaho Mountain Express.

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