Asylum seekers facing trailer evictions in Bellevue

Jose Martinez, left, stands with his Peruvian friend, Felix, at an improvised trailer park that is under investigation by the city of Bellevue for illegal operation.

There are three families with children seeking asylum in the U.S. who are living in rugged conditions without running water or sewer services at an improvised trailer park on Hardwood Street in Bellevue.

Property owner Jose Martinez is facing an investigation into possible criminal charges for allowing them to live there without a permit. He is hoping to get the trailers permitted and hooked up to city services, an idea city leaders were pursuing somewhere in the city earlier this year. Either way, though, he said he has no intention of kicking the families out without an alternative.

“If the city doesn’t have land to do this, I do,” said Martinez, an employee of Sun Valley Resort. “All I am trying to do is help people have a place to live. I am not throwing them out with no place to go.”

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