The Bellevue City Council voted last week to provide space for a community garden near the Bellevue Cemetery off Chestnut Street.

The idea was presented to the council on May 11 by John Casey, who recently transported thousands of pounds of potatoes in the Wood River Valley that would have gone to waste during supply chain disturbances due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Casey’s preferred location was in the Chantrelle subdivision at the northern end of town, which he said had “good sun, water and plenty of room,” but the council ordered staff to explore alternative locations.

City Councilman Greg Cappel said he was uncertain whether the Chantrelle location would be close enough to the residents who would benefit most from a community garden.

The council voted to allow the garden to proceed, with guidance from a committee that would be formed soon. Public Works Director Frank Suwanrit said in an interview that the Chestnut Street location was irrigated by city water and has a nearby wellhead that would restrict gardeners from using some farming chemicals prohibited by state regulations near a city water source.

“That means no herbicide, pesticides or fertilizer,” Suwanrit said.

For the full story, see the Wednesday edition of the Mountain Express.

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