The Bellevue City Council expressed strong support Monday for extending an area-of-city-impact boundary on the east side of Highway 75 from Bellevue all the way to the Hailey city limits, in an effort to control entirely a 227-acre farm field for annexation.

     “This is our opportunity,” City Councilman Shaun Mahoney said. “When Hailey drew their little map, they didn’t talk to us.”

     Mahoney recommended that the Council be “a little aggressive” in its approach to the ACI boundary, which could determine how much land the city could annex.

     City Councilwoman Tammy Davis agreed.

     “I don’t think we should back down at all,” Davis said.

     Bellevue and Hailey have been at odds in recent months with regard to overlapping area-of-city-impact boundaries on that portion of the Flying Hat Ranch. The Eccles family has requested that the entire property be annexed into Bellevue.

     ACI maps and ordinances are mechanisms that cities can use to have more input on county development than is otherwise provided for under the county development process. They are also used to designate areas for possible annexation.

For full story see the Wednesday edition of the Mountain Express.

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