The Bellevue City Council will continue making its way through a planned-unit development application tonight for the proposed Strahorn subdivision at the mouth of Slaughterhouse Canyon.

     The application presentation began on Sept. 9 for the proposed 47 residential lots on 18.5 acres on the northeastern edge of Bellevue, but Mayor Ned Burns continued the public hearing to Sept. 18 to continue taking public comment before beginning to delve into each stipulation of the application. At the meeting on Sept. 18, the City Council began a deep dive into the application, tabling several standards of evaluation—stipulations that the development must follow—as some council members were unsure if the developer, Jeff Pfaeffle, was meeting the conditions to the satisfaction of the city’s ordinances.

     Tonight’s meeting at 6 p.m. in City Hall will continue to assess each evaluation standard. Council members can agree with the findings of the Planning & Zoning Commission or ask for additional stipulations from the developer.

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