Though local-option tax receipts showed improvement in three categories, Ketchum’s overall LOT collection for August fell more than 5 percent compared with last year—from $303,104 to $287,829.

     The dip can largely be attributed to a 52.5 percent drop in condominium rentals. Another slight dip can be noticed in building material LOT receipts, down 1.3 percent from 2018. 

     Of all taxable categories, liquor by the glass experienced the most growth, with $31,398 collected this August compared to last year’s $28,684, a 9.5 percent increase.

     At $37,212, room receipts came in 6.7 percent higher than last August’s collection of $29,710.

     In the “other retail receipts” category, which excludes groceries, a 2 percent increase was observed when comparing August 2018’s collection of $163,673 to this year’s $167,007.

     Ketchum’s local-option tax is added on to Idaho’s statewide 6 percent sales tax, and subjects condo and room rentals as well as liquor-by-the-drink sales to a 3 percent tax rate, while retail items other than groceries are taxed at 2 percent.

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