Friedman memorial airport, Dec. 27 (copy)

Passengers flying to Sun Valley will no longer be bussed to the area in the event of flight diversions.

The annual winter diversion busing service at Friedman Memorial Airport has been discontinued due to a significantly reduced number of flight diversions, thanks in large part to Friedman’s new instrument approach system, the airport announced on Nov. 1.

“If a carrier cannot complete a flight to SUN due to bad weather, the carrier will delay the departure of the flight or, if an aircraft is already in flight, divert to a nearby airport and wait until conditions improve, or the flight may be cancelled,” the airport stated. “In certain cases, carriers will add extra flights to re-accommodate passengers when conditions improve.

“Each weather event service recovery option, such as those already mentioned, will be decided on a case-by-case basis depending on multiple logistical factors including safety of airline passengers and flight crews...Every effort will be made by the airlines to assist passengers in the best way possible should an unexpected flight disruption occur.”

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