With 10 days until Christmas, holiday travelers may already be packing their bags to get in their sleigh and head to their holiday destination. According to AAA, a record 614,000 Idahoans will make a holiday getaway this season.

     Some 4.3 million more Americans will travel this year, making it the eighth year of holiday travel growth, with 105 million travelers using the roadways to travel, AAA predicts. Adding to the appeal of vehicle travel is the lower gas prices in the state as of mid-November. However, those prices may be back on the rise, after the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries voted last week to further cut crude oil production to remove more supply from the market, according to AAA Idaho Public Affairs Director Matthew Conde.

     “If successful, the strategy could apply upward pressure on oil and gas prices in the coming year,” Conde stated.

     In addition, Conde warns travelers to keep a calm temper this season.

     “In AAA’s previous research on aggressive driving, eight million U.S. drivers admitted to engaging in extreme acts of road rage, including deliberately ramming another vehicle or getting out of their car to confront another driver.”

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