Sweetwater map (copy)

Sweetwater’s “Block 2” expansion plan is set to add 137 units, while the forthcoming “Block 3” and “Block 5” buildouts should add some 200 additional units to the north and south.

The Hailey City Council on May 8 approved a final plat agreement from Utah-based developer Kilgore Properties for the first phase of a long-planned 137-unit expansion of Sweetwater subdivision in Hailey’s Woodside neighborhood.

A total of 57 residential units—five ten-unit condominium buildings and seven live-work units —and an amenity building with a clubhouse and a pool are currently under construction between Shenandoah Drive and state Highway 75 as part of the first phase of the “Block 2” buildout.

The seven 1,650-square-foot, live-work units bounded by Countryside Boulevard are mostly complete, while construction on the amenity building has not yet begun, according to City Planner Cece Osborn.

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