Never Give Up

Never give up was the mantra that Tommy Farr lived by for 101 years. On Thursday evening, the Senior Connection was full of friends of Farr’s attending a memorial service. Farr had multiple careers. He was a U.S. Army Air Corps pilot during the 1940s followed up by a distinguished U.S. Forest Service career during which he was Ketchum district ranger from 1971-1980. Current District Ranger Kurt Nelson said during the service that “Tommy used to visit to check up on me and make sure that I was doing my job up to his standards.” After his Forest Service career, Farr was an active motorcycle rider until he was 95 and achieving legendary status at the Senior Connection for being pool champion and all-around nice, story-telling guy. Sharp as a tack until the day he passed, Farr was often consulted as a local historian. He will be missed by many. Express photo by Willy Cook

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