If you’re a real dude like me, you love to toss the pigskin around the backyard wearing blue jeans.

That’s why I’m going to see “American Underdog” as a part of the Sun Valley Film Festival’s Winter Series, showing at the Sun Valley Opera House. It starts at 6 p.m. on Monday, December 27.

This screening is reserved for SVFF Patrons and invited guests. If you are interested in becoming a Patron, email Jenny Dupre at jenny@sunvalleyfilmfestival.org.

The true story about NFL quarterback Kurt Warner is fun for the whole family. If your Grinch heart didn’t grow three sizes over the holidays, this movie oughta do the trick.

Everyone loves an underdog story. Like a plucky corn-shucker from middle America becoming the Arts Editor of the Idaho Mountain Express. Dreams really do come true.

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