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“Keeping It Home” features local musicians and benefits The Community Library in Ketchum.

    Sun Valley Records has partnered with The Community Library in Ketchum to release a two-disc special compilation CD featuring music from 22 local artists.

    All proceeds will benefit the library.

    “This will have a lasting impact as funds will be used to renovate the library to serve the needs and aspirations of our community for years to come,” said Carter Hedberg, the library’s director of philanthropy.

    The project was the brainchild of Sun Valley Records co-founder Don Zimmer. The objective, he explained, was twofold: “We created a CD designed to recognize local artists while making a meaningful impact for The Community Library’s renovation and vision.”

    Both he and co-founder Elizabeth Hendrix stressed the importance of showcasing local talent as a mean of promoting and benefiting the community, especially in a town with such a vibrant and heavily involved arts scene.

    “We are bringing together talented artists and demonstrating our commitment to community and a collaborative culture,” she said.

    Lilting into country/western, rock, folk and Latin, the opening tracks of “Keeping It Home” touch upon several of the varied musical styles that, through these artists, have come to define the Sun Valley soundscape.

    While many of the featured songs feel very contemporary, some delve deep into the musical traditions of the American West. Perhaps most notable among those is the distinctly and pleasantly old-fashioned “For Love’s Sake” by Michaela French.

    In stark contrast to French’s folky tune is Trevor Green’s “Voice of the Wind,” which immediately follows. Green’s song opens with an experimental minute of indistinct muttering over a solo guitar. Comprehensible lyrics first appear nearly two minutes in. This unconventional opening captures exactly the “Voice of the Wind” for which the song is named.

    Those two songs illuminate the diversity of the full track list. While varied, this ensemble never feels disparate. Simply put, these songs go together, as much as if they were written for that purpose.

    In this way, “Keeping It Home” has successfully captured the seemingly contradictory nature of Sun Valley as both a tight-knit community and an unexpected global hub.

    Sun Valley Records was established as a nonprofit distribution platform and music label dedicated to promoting musicians and bands local to the Sun Valley area. An expansive catalog of music is available for streaming and digital download on its website, sunvalleyrecords.com.

    The CD is on sale for $20 at the library, both Gold Mine locations, Atkinsons’ Market, Chapter One Bookstore, The Elephant’s Perch, Ketchum Kitchens and Iconoclast Books in Hailey. Sun Valley Records has published a limited run of 500 copies.

    That translates to an even $10,000 going directly to The Community Library. Pending the success of this initial release, a follow-up series may be issued.

    For more information on “Keeping It Home,” visit sunvalleyrecords.com or comlib.org.

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