21-08-20 Sawtooth Creek band practicing, jay noyes, jerry drake, taul paul, mark eisinger.jpg

Jerry Drake, Jay Noyes, Taul Paul and Mark Eisinger of Sawtooth Creek practice at Noyes’ home in Hailey.

On Sundays, local band Sawtooth Creek, comprising men all over 60, practices at the home of lead guitarist Jay Noyes, tucked away in Hailey. A cat wanders around succulents as their pristine jams bounce off vaulted ceilings. 

The band takes the act outside on Saturday, Aug. 21 to perform at the Hailey Hot Wheels Car Show. Whether playing for themselves or a live audience, bandmember Jerry Drake reveres music as something precious. 

“Handmade music is special for all of us,” Drake said.   

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