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Hillfolk Noir will perform their signature “Junkerdash” music at Magic Circus this weekend.

Are you looking for a magical experience this weekend? Look no further than the Magic Circus, located at East Magic Resort at Magic Reservoir, Saturday, Sept. 11, starting at 3 p.m. The festival offers chilled drinks and killer tunes.

The musicians of the Boise band Hillfolk Noir invented their own genre they coined Junkerdash. Their vast instrumentation spans banjo, saw and stand-up base.

Pocatello funk band Hot Pursuit performs all over the country, but they have returned to their home state to help attendants cut a rug.

Punk rock veterans Groggy Bikini have played music for about 30 years. 

The Blue Flames, the Old One Two, Spike Coggins & the Accused, Mia Edsall Band, Metal Marty Freakshow, Loon Cricket and Dark Mtn. Highway also perform.

After the Occupy East Magic event disbanded, Nate Norris wanted to keep the party going.

“It’s a real special place and we’re not trying to get rich, we’re just trying to make the music better,” Norris said.

“It’s something that we joke about a lot in our town because we have this liquor bar that has unbelievable quality drinks in this little middle-of-nowhere place,” Norris said. “Yet you come here and enjoy our rum punch, our mojito ... We just know some secrets. It’s just some of the best drinks available here.”

They own a liquor license, so they have a full bar and a tiki bar. Admission costs $20. Beer is $4 and mixed drinks are $5. People can bring their own beverages to the venue; they just can’t have them in the bar area. Camping on the beach is free.

Other vendors offer tacos and burritos. Norris says that because the beach is public land, attendants can bring their off-road vehicles. For tickets and more information call 208-481-0260.

“We’re just trying to celebrate our very active music scene,” Norris said. “We have a lot of local, extremely talented musicians.”

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