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Breaking the ‘Glass’ ceiling: Renowned Philip Glass Ensemble heads to the Argyros on Saturday

Michael Riesman reflects on a career of collaboration

Philip Glass Ensemble

The Philip Glass Ensemble was formed by Glass in 1967 as a creative wellspring for Glass’s music.

From Brian Eno to Daft Punk to Hans Zimmer, it’s difficult to find a recording artist or producer who hasn’t been influenced by Philip Glass in some way.

Over his career, the Golden Globe-winning, Grammy-winning composer has penned more than 40 film scores and 20 operas, recruiting die-hard fans from American movie theaters to European opera houses.

Today, many view Glass as a musical maverick and the founding father of the American minimalist movement, which first emerged in the mid-1960s and counted composers like Steve Reich and Terry Riley as its vanguards.

Philip Glass, age 56

Composer Philip Glass, Florence 1993. Photo by Pasquale Salerno. License: CC BY 2.0.

Michael Riesman

Conductor, keyboardist, and record producer Michael Riesman.

Einstein on the Beach

The 12-inch vinyl record “Einstein on the Beach,” (1978), designed by Milton Glaser.

The Philip Glass Ensemble will perform Glass’s long-lost “Music in Eight Parts” at The Argyros on Saturday, Feb. 11. The score resurfaced at an auction house six years ago.

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