You won't just like SVMoA's Summer Concert Series lineup—you'll Lovett!

For Sun Valley Museum of Art’s Summer Concert Series, Lyle Lovett performs on Thursday, June 30. Chris Isaak, right, opens.

The Sun Valley Museum of Art has announced its Summer Concert Series lineup, including Lyle Lovett, The Avett Brothers and the Record Company. Tickets will be available to the public on April 19.

Country legend Lyle Lovett will perform with his Large Band on Thursday, June 30, at the River Run Lodge in Ketchum. Over 14 albums, the singer-songwriter has won four Grammys. Each of his songs are thoughtful short stories, revealing a little more of himself. Rockabilly crooner Chris Isaak will open the show.

Indie-folk band the Avett Brothers will perform Wednesday, July 13, at the Sun Valley Pavilion. Their sweet, finger-plucked tunes are like a sip of Southern Comfort—warm and dizzying with a tinge of sadness. They have made many appearances on Billboard’s Top 10, but their sound is so authentic they could be found performing in a dive bar in the middle of nowhere on a weeknight as people talked over them.


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