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Wood River High School seniors Britta Heaphy and Sydney Herold alongside juniors Dakota Barth, Lena Gardner, Adri Meyer and Keyle Potts will be inducted as Dance Scholars into the National Honor Society for Dance Arts on Friday, Feb. 19. All are company members of Hailey-based Footlight Dance Company, and most have been dancing since they were 4 years old, according to a statement from Footlight.

They will be inducted into the Honor Society in recognition of their “outstanding artistic merit, leadership and academic achievements” while studying dance at the high school level, the announcement states.

The dancers must maintain a solid GPA in school while performing at the top level of dance. The honor recognizes years of consistent excellence among the dancers.

In light of COVID-19 protocols this year, the public is not invited to attend this year’s induction ceremony.

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