Jens Kuross

Jens Kuross graduated Wood River High School before studying jazz at Berklee.

    On Wednesday, Aug. 28, the mainstage theater of the Argyros Performing Arts Center will be transformed into a world-class jazz club. The tiered seats will fold back into the wall, opening up the floor for cocktail lounge-style seating, a full bar, a margarita fountain and a taco bar. On the stage, for one night only, Los Angeles-based group the Jens Kuross Trio will provide the soundtrack to the evening.

    The concert is a charity event to benefit the orphans of the Mapalo Care Center in Ndola, Zambia. The Give Hope for Life charity organization was co-founded by local residents Pete DeBrauhn, Josette Stellers Anderson and George Kirk, among others.

    Kuross, who has known DeBrauhn and Kirk for much of his life, leapt at the opportunity to support their charitable efforts.

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