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Willy Braun stirs up a crowd at the Sun Valley Pavilion in 2013.

They have a European tour coming up, chart-topping albums and a Grammy win under their belts, but Reckless Kelly, fronted by Cody and Willy Braun, have never lost sight of their roots, and frequently find the time to return to the Braun Brothers’ hometown, Stanley.

The band has a sold-out performance at the Mountain Village Resort in Stanley this weekend, on Saturday, April 20. Even though they have played in venues across North America and Europe, Cody Braun said nothing compares to a good old-fashioned homecoming.

“We love being in Idaho and have so many friends and family here,” he said. “It’s where we feel most comfortable. Getting to jump on stage and play for a few hours is just a bonus.”

Cody related memories of performing in the Mountain Village Resort’s Velvet Falls Dance Hall as a child. He and his brothers Willy, Micky and Gary (the latter two of whom now lead their own band, Micky and the Motorcars), often joined their father and uncles onstage.

“As a venue, Velvet Falls is great,” he said. “They did a really good job remodeling the old dancehall we grew up playing in.”

Although formed in Austin, Texas, Reckless Kelly is nonetheless a distinctly Idahoan band, with its musicality heavily informed by the White Cloud Mountains and surrounding areas.

“[Idaho] has had a huge influence on all my brothers’ writing. Idaho is where they come to write,” Cody Braun said. “Growing up and learning to play music here from our dad Muzzie and uncles Gary and Billy, we started singing songs about Idaho very early on. We also got to hear a ton of great music and meet and hang with so many great Idaho artists. They have been and continue to influence us all.”

Opening for Reckless Kelly on Saturday is another local favorite Americana group, the Robbie Walden Band, which just released their third album in February. Speaking of the Robbie Walden Band, Cody Braun said he has “been a fan for a while” and is “really looking forward to seeing them.”

With plenty to say about his hometown, the venue and the Robbie Walden Band, Braun paid special tribute to Reckless Kelly’s devoted fans, especially those who live in Idaho.

“The audience in Idaho is the best,” he said. “People dance, interact with each other and send a ton of energy to us onstage.”

He also commended Idahoans for their common courtesy.

“Another huge difference is people are present and not on their phones the entire show.”

In addition to regular shows in Stanley and the Wood River area, Reckless Kelly join forces with Micky and the Motorcars every year for the Braun Brothers Reunion festival, held annually in Challis.

Tickets are now on sale for the 2019 festival, which will take place Aug. 8-10. In addition to the four Braun brothers, 15 groups will play over the course of the three-day festival.

Those unable to get tickets for this weekend’s show in Stanley can consider a trip to Challis this summer. Visit braunbrothersreunion.com for more information.

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