Halloween may be tomorrow, but the lion’s share of holiday activities took place over the weekend.

Swiftsure Ranch’s Haunted Barn (center right) on Friday made up for the cancellation of Blazing Pumpkins, which was initially scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 19, but 10 consecutive hours of snowfall doomed it. Those in attendance enjoyed plenty of activities, s’mores and yes, many a blazing jack-’o-lantern.

Elsewhere in Bellevue, the Haunted Forest (lower right) stirred up the scares on Saturday and Sunday night, as ghosts and witches ran amok throughout the Howard Preserve, terrorizing those brave enough to enter the woods.

On Saturday, despite below-freezing temperatures, Halloween revelers turned up in huge numbers to party the night away at Ketchum’s Nightmare on Main Street (above). Costumes of all kinds—including one massive “MarriNOT Hotel,” which took aim at a controversial topic of local political discussion—occupied Main Street into the wee hours of the morning.

Tomorrow, Thursday, sees a few more activities for kids and grownups alike. See the calendar section for details, and have a happy Halloween!

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