The Hailey Public Library will host a virtual talk titled “Gardening for Soil Care” on Thursday, May 27, at 5:30 p.m. with Manon Gaudreau and Amy Mattias from 5B Resilience Gardens.  They will address ways to build and maintain the soil health and fertility of gardens, including minimal disturbance, soil amendments, mulching and smart water use. RSVP to

“It’s easy for gardeners to focus on the health of flowers and vegetables growing above ground, but those plants depend on a healthy soil with the right amount of nutrients, micro-organisms and combination of drainage and moisture-holding capacity,” said Kristin Fletcher, the library’s programs and engagement manager.

After studying seed-saving with Ketchum gardener Bill McDorman, Gaudreau became a master gardener and helped establish Valley Victory Gardens. She is the co-director of the Wood River Seed Library and has taught many classes on gardening locally.

Mattias is program director for the Sun Valley Institute for Resilience and, in that role, launched the 5B Resilience Gardens collaboration last spring. She serves on the Blaine County Food Council and is a board member of Idaho Center for Sustainable Agriculture. Mattias is co-director of the Wood River Seed Library. She follows regenerative practices, rooted in traditional ecological knowledge, in her own garden and is currently enrolled in a permaculture design course.

The Wood River Seed Library housed at the Hailey Public Library is open. It is a lending library of locally grown flower, herb, vegetable and grain seeds. Community members may “borrow” seeds for free that they intend to plant this year, and then at the end of the growing season consider collecting and donating this year’s seeds back to the Seed Library. The library is located at 7 W. Croy St.

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