The Wood River Women’s Foundation will host a panel on charitable giving at the Community Library in Ketchum on Wednesday, Aug. 21, at 5:30 p.m.

    The panel will be moderated by Jenni Riley, foundation Education Committee member and director of the foundation’s upcoming “Giving Guide of the Wood River Valley,” and will feature a range of panelists: incoming foundation President Terri Bullock, attorney Sandra Clapp, therapist Cate Cox and financial advisor Suzanne Hazlett.

    “The Wood River Women’s Foundation’s mission is to elevate philanthropic impact, both as individuals and as a collective,” Riley said. “The education committee specifically is trying to offer new learning opportunities for our members.”

    The panel is loosely based on a panel that the foundation put on for Mountain Humane in June, but is the first of its kind addressing charitable giving more generally. Riley said the first panel was “so informative and so fantastic that we were thinking, ‘We need to do another one of these.’”

    “We talked to The Community Library, and they completely supported our idea,” she said.

    She said that his time the foundation is not only inviting its own members, but members of nonprofit organizations who want to learn how to better communicate with donors, as well as donors themselves.

“We’re giving donors in the community the chance to ask our panel of top-tier professional women, who have a range of perspective and expertise, their questions about ways to give and how to give,” she said.

The panel will also serve as the initial release of the “Giving Guide of the Wood River Valley.” Riley hopes the guide, in conjunction with the panel, will change the way people think about contributing in the valley.

    “We were hearing consistently that people were giving to the same organizations because they don’t know what’s out there and what’s real,” she said. “Discerning which ones are making an impact locally in the valley can be overwhelming for a lot of people. We decided there’s a need for a giving guide so people can see what’s out there.

    “There are some really amazing nonprofits that I had no idea existed, and the ‘Giving Guide’ is giving exposure for these nascent nonprofits as well as giving them the platform to express volunteer opportunities, corporate engagement opportunities, as well as a little about themselves.”

    And what can attendees expect from the panel?

    “The hope is that they learn new things,” Riley said. “We want to invite an open and free-ranging discussion so we can address questions from tax laws, to out-of-the-box ways to give, to how to support these nonprofits—not only monetarily. There are many different options for ways we can improve our community.”

    The foundation has been making a difference in the valley for close to 15 years and continues to greatly impact the community.

    “I love how the Wood River Women’s Foundation not only is trying to take care of members and nonprofits, but how it’s really starting to put forth and give back to the community,” Riley said.

    The forum is free to the public at The Community Library in Ketchum. For more information on the Wood River Women’s Foundation and the upcoming panel discussion, visit its website,

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