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The Argryos Center for Performing Arts hosts the Field of Awakening.

Do you feel lost in the world? Like you’re drifting through your days? Do you toss and turn at night wondering what it all means? If so, perhaps “Field of Awakening” is for you. 

Mystic, philosopher and co-founder of the O&O Academy, Sri Preethaji comes from India to lead four days of meditation and spiritual exploration. Tickets range from $2,000-$10,000. 

Sri Preethaji returns to the Wood River Valley after being the keynote speaker at the Wellness Festival three years ago. Prior to COVID, she taught in a different country nearly every weekend. “Field of Awakening” marks her return to live teaching, starting a 30-day tour of the United States, including stops in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City.  

Local jewelry designer Lea Flocchini has followed the teachings of Sri Preethaji for over a decade now. 

“[She] lives in a very different state of being ... than the rest of us,” Flocchini said. “Each morning there will be ... a taste of what enlightenment feels like: the end of the mind chatter. It’s the highest human state of attainment.”

Flocchini first became interested in the spiritual realm when she saw an ad for a meditation session at a tea shop that no longer exists. There, she met actress Mariel Hemingway and celebrity coach Tony Robbins. They introduced the “oneness blessing” to her. 

She began traveling to the O&O Academy in India with other Sun Valley residents. She took nearly all the classes available, achieving the status of Advanced Trainer. 

“The whole purpose of this Academy is literally to help human suffering and help with an evolution of consciousness,” Flocchini said. 

As a guide, she has brought people to the Academy in India and plans to do so once travel restrictions lift. Teaching virtual classes of 30 to 40 people from across the country during the pandemic, many of Flocchini’s students plan to come to the “Field of Awakening” event in Sun Valley. 

“Through this time of COVID, coming to a place where we can discover that state of calm ... is the greatest medicine, the greatest immunity support and it’s what we need individually and collectively,” Flocchini said.

The teachings of the Academy cross religious boundaries, Flocchini says. Her parents, devout Catholics who are approaching 90, partake in its teachings. 

“The truth is all human beings experience joy the same way,” Flocchini said. “They also experience sadness or disappointment in the same way. It focuses on what we hold in common rather than what is different between any of our faiths or paths.”

One of the promises of the conference is to help one confront childhood trauma as well as get in touch with one’s inner child. 

“You get to experience life from the present tense and much less from a wounded past or a fearful future,” Flocchini said.

“Field of Awakening” also vows to help you become an Awakened Parent, an Awakened Partner and an Awakened Wealth Creator.

“What happens is awakening, and, in an awakening, you begin to have awakened experiences,” Flocchini said “You’re not so reactive to the outside world. Right now, we’re experiencing a lot of chaos. You become much less perturbed by what’s happening in the outer world.”

Saturday night, The Argyros hosts an event the world music of KOSMIK BAND. Tickets cost $45 at the door.  

If you can’t make it to the official conference, there are still more chances to see Sri Preethaji in the Wood River Valley. She presents “Embracing the Tiger of Change: Navigating these Uncertain Times” at the Cozy Event Venue in Ketchum on Sept. 21 at 7 p.m. She also presents “The Heart-Mind Science of Well-Being: Creating Health Amidst a Pandemic,” also at the Cozy Event Venue, Sept. 21 and 23 at 5 p.m.. These tickets cost $25.

She is the guest speaker for Hispanic Heritage’s month’s “Unidos-Together, We Are the Solution” taking place at the Community Campus on Thursday Sept. 23 at 4:30 p.m. 

But Flocchini says the four-day immersive experience is really where it’s at. 

“Each day is a different journey,” Flocchini said. “One must do the whole four days.”

“It will impact our community and the world, even if people aren’t in her presence,” Flocchini said. “That’s the way in which consciousness works. It has no walls or boundaries when we are talking about that inner state.”

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